About Suzanne Glendenning

Suzanne Glendenning is a qualified Master Results Coach, Certified Master NLP Practitioner, Certified in Advanced Neurological Repatterning ™ and Hypnosis, and qualified Performance Consultant. She has studied leading technologies in human behaviour to achieve accelerated transformation. All of this simply means she can assist you to identify issues to make sustained behaviour change. Suzanne can work with clients to strategically vision their future, replace limiting beliefs and unwanted behaviours and habits, to lead extraordinary lives.

Suzanne has worked extensively in the corporate arena in senior management roles. Her extensive experience includes establishing and managing new business units, developing new departments working in collaborative processes.

She appreciates the challenges to individuals with implementing new systems, developing marketing strategies and securing teams and departments as successful units.

Experience with project management in several industries, resulted in Suzanne having an excellent understanding of business management and strategy planning. Being highly organized and results focused, she promotes strategies to achieve set goals.

Suzanne has an in depth understanding of the pressures of managing a balanced business and personal life to achieve desired results and goals whilst maintaining personal wellness and wellbeing. Her experience as a successful senior manager, mentor and business advisor in fast moving competitive industries has provided her with the opportunity to develop a range of strategies and techniques to manage stress and find balance in her life.

One of Suzanne’s strengths is her ability to relate to people of all ages and at all levels in business. This has assisted Suzanne to build support teams, simultaneously maintaining awareness of individual needs and boundaries.

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