How can I change my thinking?

The dictionary tells us that “mindset” or the way you think is about attitude, outlook, mind, mentality, approach, belief, or conviction.

People talk about changing their mind which usually just means changing a decision or an idea however changing your mindset or thinking. What does this mean to you?

Often our beliefs and convictions come from values installed in us from childhood and sometimes we change our view on these values. This can happen simply through education and maturing but sometimes it comes from an experience or an ongoing situation which is affecting the way we think.

Have you ever asked yourself any of the following?

  • How Can I Change the Way I Think?
  • How Can I Change the Way I am?
  • How Can I Change the Way I talk?

Your mindset or attitude will affect the way you think, all that you do and therefore your results. Often people know they are not happy or fulfilled, but they don’t know exactly why or how to change it. They feel miserable and confused and are not getting the results they want. They are not reaching their potential or achieving their goals and dreams. There is pain associated with this and it can have a detrimental affect on their business, their career, their finances, personal life, their family and their health.

What is this negative mindset costing you and how long are you prepared to tolerate it?

Many people fail to appreciate the extent to which they’re being held back by their mental approach. As simple as it might sound, a change in mindset can prove to be the critical difference between success and struggle.

From Think Your Way to Success…

Have you ever heard anyone say “I am in two minds about that ….” Well they often are. It is the ‘conflict’ or the ‘discussion’ between the conscious mind and the sub-conscious mind. If they are not aligned and your beliefs are not aligned with your values then you will be in a constant state of confusion and disharmony.

Too many people struggle to achieve their potential due to negative thought patterns.

Are you clear about your goals and dreams or are you suffering from the “dream stealing” mindset? This is a choice and not a good choice. Many people who take our “Positive Mindset Challenge” see the difference in their mindset in just 5 days.

Our aim is to develop improved mindset thinking, implement skills which will enable clarity in determining goals.  And, to give individuals the ability to:

Make better informed choices
Take ownership of responsibilities 
Develop sustainable positive change for desired outcomes.

The good news is, you can change, you can have your goals and dreams, you can have clarity with your thinking – with help.

It is possible to remove old (often negative) beliefs and ideas which no longer serve you, and install new positive beliefs and therefore new behaviours. Positive change can be possible, painless and permanent

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