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Communication can be a conversation - an exchange of words with a message.

It could be an exchange of ideas, a consultation or teaching of new information. It could be physical contact such as a hand shake or a hug. People communicate in many ways, on many levels and for many purposes.

For most of us it is essential to our daily existence but for some it can be a huge problem.

Families, Politicians, Corporations, Sales people, people in industry, people in education all need communication skills. Many people however lack these skills and there is a price to pay for this.

Business people particularly often struggle with the basic principles of communication.

Some lack self awareness, and are often not trained in communicating during conflict, using effective language or understanding body language and being aware of how the “audience” or those they are trying to communicate with feels about what they are saying. This can lead to a lack of engagement, misunderstanding and failure to either make the sale or resolve the issue. Are you getting your message across the way you intended?

Many people are skilled in their specific area of expertise but do not know how to run a meeting, work with their staff to get the best out of them, handle criticism (directed at them or others), and how to see the other persons view.

Why would we need to know about that?

Life is all about communication with others but also with ourselves. (Self Talk)

Simply appreciating that everyone has their own "model of the world" is one huge step towards understanding your own thoughts and feelings. Also, the thoughts and feelings of others.

We help our clients understand their own internal communication and then show them how to understand other people and their own model of the world. From this understanding they can develop new skills and strategies to move to a new approach to sales, to managing their team, or working in a difficult environment.

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I would be happy to recommend Sue to work with any business and their management and staff.

Peter Rayson,
Franchisee, Quest on Doncaster
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