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The mind is amazing. And fascinating. And powerful.

If I was to ask you the question – "what is holding you back now?" you might answer – " Nothing!!" Or "I don't know" or "holding me back from what?" "I'm not sure that that means." Or possibly, "I just don't want to think about it".

Sometimes we just don't know what is holding us back. It might be in the context of relationships, health, wellbeing, or finances / business. But if you are not healthy – it affects your business, and if you have relationship problems it can affect your business and your health, and if business is not going well you may have financial problems which can affect your health and your relationships ……. Round it goes.

Think about something you have not achieved with your business (or any part of your life). WHAT STOPPED YOU, and how is that a problem for you?

I can almost guarantee that whatever it is or was, it is a limiting belief.

What do I mean by that? What is a limiting belief?

Limiting beliefs are something that you carry with you without even being aware that they exist, let alone the impact they have on your behaviour.

Quote from Think Your Way to Success, download your free copy now.

They are held in the subconscious mind but will always override the conscious. It is a bit like operating on an unwelcome autopilot. Many of them are 'installed' during childhood – by parents (well-meaning or otherwise), siblings, friends, school teachers or other people of influence. Hands up if you've ever had someone tell you that "money doesn't grow on trees", or "you're not smart enough", or "maths just isn't your thing". Or maybe it was a piece of misguided encouragement, like "we know you are trying but don't be disappointed if you don't succeed…" The list is virtually endless.

We think that as adults we can change these beliefs, but if they are rooted deeply enough in the subconscious mind, then they're stuck there until someone helps you to remove them and replace them with something more positive. Until you can learn to find and eliminate those beliefs, you will struggle and continue to lose motivation. "

Many of our challenges and what we think of as "mental and emotional blockages" are created by our "Limiting Beliefs".

They are real and they are destructive. Limiting Beliefs create self sabotage which can mean we are constantly (and often unwittingly) in a battle with our internal self-belief program which in turn affects our behaviour and therefore our results.

One of the things that stops us from achieving our goals or the success we want is self-sabotage – lack of belief that we can actually do it or possibly a feeling of not deserving or being worthy of having whatever it is we are working towards.

Are you choosing to let negative thinking control your actions and your outcome? Are you choosing to mix with negative people who constantly focus on what might go wrong or are you being pro-active in your desire to change the way you think.

Negative thinking is a choice. A choice that manifests into negative consequences.

It can also become a habit if you allow this to happen. Sometimes it is just an excuse not to make change. There needs to be a clear decision that you want to change the way you think to achieve better results. The results you want.

What do you think would happen to an elite sports person who had limiting beliefs about their ability to win? Just saying you believe you can do something is not enough – you have to really believe it – right at the sub-conscious level.

I once heard an interview with a professional woman, who was stating that she was extremely intelligent, experienced in her field, highly qualified, very focussed and determined but could not understand why she was not getting further ahead in her profession. Without hearing the entire interview (I came in after it had started so I don't know who she was or the purpose of the interview) I believe she had limiting beliefs which were constantly stopping her when she reached the edge of success – the very point of getting what she wanted. Self sabotage. The frustration in her voice was clear.

Our limiting beliefs and negative thinking can become our baggage.
We load it in – every negative thought or old belief is just more baggage to load in and carry around. We even make allowances for it – take ownership. Our baggage. We own it. We make it our own story and we live out that story.

The good news is, you don't have to. It is possible to create new neuro pathways – by changing your ideas and beliefs.

Until you can learn to find and eliminate those beliefs and change your negative thinking, you will struggle and continue to lose motivation. What is motivation? An emotion. Emotion drives human behaviour.

By understanding that and learning how to turn off the limiting belief and remove negative emotions which drive negative decisions, you can change your life in a powerful way.

It is possible to remove limiting beliefs and alter your thought processes to give you a new understanding of what you can really achieve with a plan you are committed to, and a clear resolve with being solution and success focused. Move to a position of being a positive thinker – one who looks at the best outcome for them.

A belief change can move you from problem to solution. Belief around what we think we can achieve or deserve to have.

Where is your focus? Are you always listening to that "little voice" which tells you why you can't have or do something, or are you moving towards what you want with a clear focus and nothing to hold you back?

Are you thinking about what you can achieve or why you can't achieve your goals?

Change is possible. Life change is possible.

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Brian Banard,
Master Agent Victoria, Xpresso Delight
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