Women in Business

The problems women face in business.

In recent years we have had an increase in women appointed to senior positions in corporate Australia as well as many women choosing the flexibility of developing their own business.

There are countless networking groups for women in business, support groups, educational groups as well as industry specific mentoring groups.

This is great and it’s good to see that there is an awareness of business women and their specific needs. But are we getting it right?

Some women find it difficult to balance all the tasks in the various areas of their lives.

They say things like “I have such a challenge balancing home and work life. I feel overwhelmed. How can I give my best to both?”

They can develop a sense of guilt about not ‘being there for everyone’ including themselves.

When I was in a leadership position with a successful advertising and marketing agency, I faced many challenges in my role with the daily demands of the job and the expectations of others. The responsibility of my position was a wonderful learning experience, although being able to successfully balance work and home life, as well as looking after my health, took effort and planning.

Some women have told me they have lost all enthusiasm for coming into work every day.

This is clearly not good and certainly not conducive to having good health and a clear mind.

Through my own experience, I found that my priorities needed to change to give the life balance I not only needed but wanted.

Since that time I have had contact with many women who asked me about my experiences in the corporate and business world.

Women still face many challenges in the business world, and these challenges can impact on their ability to work effectively and on their health. Many of these challenges are not obvious to others, such as negative thinking, limiting beliefs (which come from the choices we are making), and other behaviour issues. It is often hard to identify these issues and their own self sabotage strategies for what they are. We sometimes don’t want to admit it to ourselves, let alone others. This creates stress.

There are many inspiring and amazing women in the world today.

Some are leaders in their field, and some are the quiet achievers doing what they do well and without expectation of reward or acknowledgement.

Some clients have told me they are concerned about being noticed for promotion and are reluctant to put themselves forward.

What about starting your own business? A dream for many. A clear goal for some. But what if your limiting beliefs and your fears are holding you back?

Many women are their own worst enemy with regard to achieving the success they deserve and want. This may not be deliberate choice but a real issue all the same. What if these women could change their mindset?  What if they could overcome the self-doubt and limiting beliefs they are holding onto? Then they could really go after their dream.

During my time as a General Manager of 2 successful business units of a large corporation, I learned to appreciate the challenges of such a role, but also came to understand that that my expectations of the outcome were critical to my ultimate success.

We say that hindsight is a wonderful thing, and I often wish I had known then what I now know about mindset, and that the way we think has a direct affect our results.

We make many choices over our lifetime and not all of them are good, but they are usually based on our current knowledge and belief of what is right.

It is about our model of the world – how we see things. But it is what you learn from those choices and decisions that counts.

Are you afraid you will never have the career, business or life you always dreamed of?

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